Anchor Kits

Anchor and Drywall Anchor Kits


Anchor Kit:

  • Kit includes 100 #10 x 1" slotted Phillips combination pan head screws
  • Kit includes 100 1/4" x 1" plastic anchors
  • Free carbide-tipped drill bit included

Drywall Anchor Kit:

  • Pre-drills its own small precise hole in drywall
  • Attaches through drywall
  • Available in zinc or plastic anchors
  • Kit includes 50 pan head screws and anchors
  • Holds up to 40lbs, minimum pullout


25130 - Anchor Kit, 1 Kit
25140 - Plastic Drywall Anchor Kit, 1 Kit
25150 - Zinc Drywall Anchor Kit, 1 Kit

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