Plastic Conduit Strap

Will not corrode like metal straps


Securely fasten Schedule 40 PVC, copper tubing, and other electrical and plumbing cables and pipes with these heavy-duty polyethylene straps. Unlike metal straps these plastic straps won’t rust and they offer stability against UV rays and extreme cold while withstanding deterioration and breakage. Easily installed with a hammer or drill.

  • Made of heavy-duty polyethylene
  • Withstands extreme cold and UV rays
  • Will not corrode like metal straps
  • Easy to install
  • Made in the USA
  • Secures conduit, pipe, tube, or bundle


GCC-120 - 1/2" Plastic Conduit Strap, 20 per bag
GCC-220 - 3/4" Plastic Conduit Strap, 20 per bag
GCC-310 - 1" Plastic Conduit Strap, 10 per bag


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