3-Port AlumiConn®

Permanent Aluminum Wiring Solution


  • Approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and insurance companies
  • Secure, mechanical connection of conductors
  • Runs approximately 25°F cooler than purple twist-ons
  • Provides a safer connection
  • Separate ports eliminate intermixing of conductors
  • One piece for easy installation
  • Dielectric silicone inhibitor reduces corrosion of connection
  • Tin-plated lug and nickel-plated screws
  • UL 486C to meet US and Canadian standards
  • Suitable for aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to copper, and copper to copper wire splices
  • Available in 2-Port and 3-Port styles


Max. Voltage: 300V 
Wire Type: Aluminum/Aluminum, Aluminum/Copper, Copper/Copper
Aluminum Wire Range: Min #12/Max #10
Copper Wire Range: Min #18/Max #10
Temperature Rating: 105°C 
Flammability Rating: V-2


95104 - 3-Port AlumiConn, 2pc. Card
95110 - 3-Port AlumiConn, 10pc. Card
95125 - 3-Port AlumiConn, 25pc. Bag
95135 - 3-Port AlumiConn, 100pc. Bag
95145 - 3-Port AlumiConn, 1,000pc. Box
95185 - 3-Port AlumiConn, 2,500pc. Box



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Related FAQs

What torque screwdriver should I use to install AlumiConn and where can I get one?

To install AlumiConn using the UL approved installation method, a torque screwdriver with a #5 slotted bit should be used. King Innovation does not sell these tools, but below please find some recommended items:

CDI 401SM Torque 1/4" Female Hex Drive

Klein Tools Torque Screwdriver

Wiha Tools Torque Screwdriver (Model #28504)

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.

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