Gorilla Nuts® Red/Yellow

Cushion Grip Wire Connectors


  • Eliminates pain and numbness in hands and fingers
  • Less inventory, improved coverage, fits a wide wire range
  • Unique design allows for a better torque and twisting leverage
  • Comfortable cushion grip offers improved slip resistance
  • Flexible WorkSkirt™ protects against over stripping
  • Square cut spring provides a secure connection and wire bite with first twist


Max. Voltage: 600V max. building wire (1000V max. signs or luminaries)
Connector Size: 1 11/32" x 5/8"
Wire Type: Copper/Copper
Wire Range: Min 2 #18/Max 2 #8
Temperature Rating: 105°C (221°F)


68205 - Gorilla Nuts Red/Yellow, 10pc. Bag
68210 - Gorilla Nuts Red/Yellow, 100pc. Box
68230 - Gorilla Nuts Red/Yellow, 300pc. Canister
68270 - Gorilla Nuts Red/Yellow, 5,000pc. Box
68290 - Gorilla Nuts Red/Yellow, 25,000pc. Drum

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