Clamp Meter Line Splitter

Splits Current Loop for Convenient Measurement


The E1 line splitter is a must-have accessory for clamp meters. The non-contact current capability of a clamp meter requires the isolation of a single conductor to measure the current. In applications where the separation of the wires can endanger the integrity of the insulation or where machinery uses an integrated plug, the Line Splitter will split the current loop for convenient measurement. The E1 can be used in either a single loop measurement or a 10 times magnifying loop for accurate measurement of low current applications. This handy line splitter also includes convenient probe ports to measure voltage as well. For use with any clamp meter unit has an operational voltage range of 120V AC and AC current range of 15A with a 50/60Hz frequency. Use this unit to separate the hot and neutral conductors of power cords when testing the AC amperage draw of light duty machinery, power tools, household appliances and lamps.

  • Splits current loop for convenient measurement in applications where separation of wires could endanger integrity of insulation
  • Separates hot and neutral conductors of power cords when testing AC amp draw of light duty machinery, power tools, appliances and lamps
  • 1x and 10x measuring capability
  • Probe slots for voltage measurement with a voltage tester (not included)
  • A must-have accessory for clamp meters



SKU# E1 Clamp Meter Line Splitter - 1 per pack


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