Siphon King Utility Pumps

Provides quick removal of water


  • Corrosion proof
  • Provides quick removal of water
  • Self-priming, lightweight utility pump
  • High strength, ergonomic handle can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh usage
  • 36" pump provides quick removal of one gallon in four strokes
  • 24" extension available; fits on to existing pump to access hard to reach areas
  • Steel shaft improves strength
  • Flexible discharge hose for directing water evacuation
  • Removable intake foot for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for removing water from valve boxes, meter pits, pipe trenches and anywhere water accumulates


48024 - Siphon King 24" Pump x 36" Hose, 1 pump
48036 - Siphon King 36" Pump x 36" Hose, 1 pump
48072 - Siphon King 36" Pump x 72" Hose, 1 pump
48230 - Siphon King 24" Pump Extension, 1 extension

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Where can I buy King Innovation products?

King Innovation sells through distribution. If you are not a reseller but wish to purchase King Innovation products, please visit the Where to Buy page of our website for more information. If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 800-633-0232 or [email protected]

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