Siphon King Gas Powered Pump

4-Cycle Water Pump


  • 4-Cycle, single cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine
  • Excellent for high volume water transfer
  • Unrestricted flow 40 gallons per minute
  • 1" inlet/outlet diameter
  • Includes two (2) 6' hoses for intake and discharge, garden hose adaptor, and intake filter


Length: 11.5"
Width: 11.5"
Height: 13"
Weight: 18.9 lbs
Packaging Dimension: 16.5" x 12.6" x 14.6"
Engine Type: 4-Cycle, Single Cylinder
Displacement: 40ccEngine Type: 4-Cycle, Single Cylinder
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Ignition System: Transistor Magneto
Starting System: Recoil Starter
Operating Mode: Continuous Operation
Engine Oil: SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40 API SM
Engine Oil Capacity: 2.7 oz
Fuel: Unleaded; 86 or higher
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.2 US gal
Spark Plug Gap: 0.024"
Idle Speed: 3,300 +/- 100 r/min
Suction Port Diameter: 1.0"
Discharge Port Diameter: 1.0"
Max. Total Head: 82 ft
Max. Suction Head: 25 ft
Discharge Capacity: 39.6 gal/min (max)


48350 - Siphon King Gas Powered Pump, 1 pump

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