King Drains®

Soft Grip Drain


  • Automatic freeze protection drain
  • Ergonomic soft grip design makes for comfortable, slip-free installation
  • Compliments end of season blow-outs to remove residual water from irrigation systems and provide freeze protection
  • Utilized for both main and lateral line applications
  • Patented backflow check prevents contamination
  • Broad dispersing pad protects against root and soil penetration
  • Self-cleaning dirt arrestor screen prevents clogging of drain
  • Patented pressure sensitive valve releases water slowly at root level


22163 - Soft Grip Drain 1/2" MPT, 25pc. Bag
23167 - Soft Grip Drain, 3/4" MPT, 25pc. Bag

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Where can I buy King Innovation products?

King Innovation sells through distribution. If you are not a reseller but wish to purchase King Innovation products, please visit the Where to Buy page of our website for more information. If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 800-633-0232 or [email protected]

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