“Hey guys love your products!!”

John Messick - Holmes Beach, FL

I spoke with your Customer Care Rep this morning...who was very helpful in letting me know the process I should take for the information I am looking for...King Innovation's Customer Service has been great.

Dwayne B. - Charlotte, NC

“I use a KING Innovation I-Tool every day.”

Don Walker - Gilbert, AZ

I just wanted to write to thank you for having our business in the "Where to Buy" section of your website. We're a small family-owned business and carry your line here. It's really tough going up against the big guys, and it means a lot to us that you've listed us on your website."

Clayton H. - Mayfield, KY

"I've been very pleased with the DryConn connectors, always a go-to choice for waterproof connectors."

Ian Murr - Kathleen, GA

I have been using your products for years and I am very happy with the quality and reliability of your product.

Maria B. - Texas

I'm an Electrical Contractor. I just wanted to thank you for such a great product (AlumiConn). Now I can safely remediate aluminum in customers' houses without fear of the purple wire nut eventually coming loose/melting/causing a fire!

Dennis H.

“I must tell you that the bucket organizers have satisfied every nerdy organizing bone in my bode! HAHA!”

Frank K. - Atlanta, GA

I am so impressed with Gorilla Nuts that I will not use anything else now.

DEO Electric - Lockport, IL

“We have bought multiple items from you guys at Standard Plumbing conventions.”

Garrett Jensen - Brigham City, UT