• NEW Testers & Locators

    NEW Testers & Locators

    King Innovation is proud to announce our complete line of Irrigation Testers and Locators. Troubleshoot both traditional and 2-wire irrigation sytems with the KING CM milliamp clamp meter. Activate and test solenoids with the KING IT and King ITK irrigation tester and tone probe combo kit. Accurately and safely locate buried wire and valves with the KING AL and KING DL. Click to learn more about our complete offering. 

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  • Lighting


    As a professional in the lighting industry, we understand the tools you need to demo and provide the best service. We designed lighting specific tools, connectors and demo accessories, such as, the Insta-light to better serve your specific needs.

    We strive to make each job seamless for you, so you can get more business. DryConn low voltage lighting connectors, like KSC, are popular in the lighting industry. KSC are crimp style connectors with waterproof heat shrink and are manufacturer approved for direct bury. Use the King Krimper and Mini-Torch with KSC along with your favorite light brand and you have a complete lighting system!

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  • Irrigation


    Your reputation as an irrigation specialist is supported by many things. Craftsmanship, dependability, innovation, hard work, and materials. The last thing you need is a job call back.

    DryConn® is the highest quality, best-selling waterproof wire connector brand in the world. These connectors have been a constant in the irrigation market, and have grown to incorporate a variety additional items such as saddles, drains, and tools. Click the Learn More link below to view our wide Irrigation offering.

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  • Electrical


    As an electrician, you are constantly making judgment calls on which tools and products to use on the job. Choosing the wrong partner can cost you time, money and even increase your liability.

    At King Innovation, we understand the needs of the electrician and electrical contractors. Click the Learn More link below to view our wide Electrical offering.

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  • Gas/Cathodic


    In the gas utility market, infrastructure is often vast and complex. Yet something as simple as corrosion to a splice can have a major effect and cause failure on a grand scale.

    At King Innovation, we are as dedicated to the war on corrosion as you are. From tracer wire splices to anode splices, we are committed to protecting assets from corrosion. Click the Learn More link below to view our Gas Utility and Cathodic offering.

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  • Waterworks


    Many say that locating pipe is both art and science. With that said, you don't want to take any chances with the wrong product choices.

    The DryConn® line of wire connectors for the water utility market is the highest quality offering of waterproof wire connectors in the world. Click he Learn More link below to view our Water Utility offering.

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